• id: (id attribute) (optional)
  • class:(class attribute) (optional)
  • link (link to follow when clicked) (optional)
  • linktarget: _blank,_self,_parent,_top (optional)
  • fullwidth: (set full width):true,false (optional)
  • color (optional – Available Colors see below)
  • align: center (optional)
  • bgcolor (optional)
  • hoverbgcolor (optional)
  • hovertextcolor (optional)
  • textcolor (optional)
  • size: small,medium,large (optional)
  • width: (optional)

Samples Buttons With Different Size

Small Medium Large

[ color="orange" size="small" style="false"]Small[/button] [button color="orange" size="medium" style="false"]Medium[/button] [button color="orange" size="large" style="false"]Large[/button]

Button With Color Variation

Black Brown Gray Cyan Orange Red magenta Yellow Blue Pink Green White // Size - Three type of size as mention above
// color - Different type colors as mention above
[button size="medium" color="black"] Button Text

Buttons With Special Colors

#000000 #000000 // bgColor - To change the button background color
// color - Different type colors as mention above
// text - To change the button text color
[button bgColor="#5FACA7"]#5FACA7[/button] [button color="white" textColor="#5FACA7"]#5FACA7[/button]

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